Model Numbers: SFW-VPG-M1-XX, SFW-VPG-M1-XX-SK

Avtec’s VPGate software translates multiple communication protocols to enable wide-ranging Scout connectivity.

VPGate translates both open and proprietary protocols to a single multicast domain compatible with Scout and allowing communication among Scout consoles, endpoints, and other instances of VPGate over a LAN or WAN.

VPGate is sold and deployed in redundant pairs (unless otherwise indicated) and with varying capacities according to customer requirements. (See the Scout System Requirements document for software deployment guidelines.)

Each VPGate software license is protected using either a software license key or a USB hardware dongle that contains the license key. Model numbers ending with -SK indicate software license keys. Model numbers without -SK indicate that license keys are provided on a dongle. If using dongles, they must be inserted into a USB port on the PC where the software is installed for the software to function.

VPGate licenses are sold in redundant pairs unless otherwise indicated. For example, when you purchase Model No. SFW-VPG-M1-XX, you receive licensing for deployment on two computers. Licenses are sold in capacity levels and are described later in the VPGate capacity tables.

The base VPGate Mini license capacity represents the number of active endpoints that VPGate controls. Each base VPGate Mini license enables a total of 12 endpoints. To use more endpoints, the system requires additional VPGate Mini licenses. This VPGate Mini license applies to all Scout configurations except for Frontier-enabled systems.