Refer to the Scout System Requirements document for minimum and recommended system requirements.

Additional Information

VPGate requires a license to operate. If VPGate is installed in a redundant configuration, there are two instances installed and running independently on two licensed computers. Each instance requires a license to operate, which subjects the software to the following limitations:

  • VPGate software will not launch without a license.
  • VPGate software will terminate functioning after 96 hours if the license is removed and not replaced.
  • The second instance of VPGate will automatically assume functions of the terminating instance, so no loss of system functionality should typically occur.
  • The number and types of endpoint devices controlled are limited by the license contents. (There are presently four levels available.)
  • A redundant VPGate license does not allow the second instance of VPGate to exceed the licensed number of endpoints. For example, if a customer purchases a Redundant Level 2 VPGate software license for a maximum of 80 endpoints, then no more than 80 endpoints may be used simultaneously between the two instances of VPGate software at any one time.