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Activity History with integrated Instant Recall Recorder (IRR)  

Activity History and IRR are Scout tools that allow the dispatcher to see a history of past conversations or to replay audio from past conversations for analysis or clarification.

Note: Instant Recall Recorder is an optional feature of Scout.

Call Alert   A call alert contacts either the dispatcher or a subscriber. If the person was away from the console or vehicle, the alert leaves an indication that someone tried to make contact.
Caller Preemption   The Scout System Administrator gives certain radios priority in the Sprint system so that their calls preempt other calls in the group.
Group Call

Group Connect®

Group calls let a Scout Console affiliate with a group of subscriber radios for the purpose of establishing voice communication between the dispatcher and the group of subscribers.

Sprint TeamDC can communicate simultaneously with up to 200 Direct Connect subscribers.


Patching allows the dispatcher to connect a group or unit to other radio or telephone endpoints to allow subscriber units to communicate with subscriber units of other radio technologies. The console position establishes a communication path between two or more radio or telephone endpoints that are normally unable to communicate with each other.

Note: Scout patching does not use dynamic regrouping.

PTT ID with Alias (ANI) ANI PTT ID displays the subscriber unit ID of the person speaking on the display in the associated talkgroup channel icon and in Activity History. PTT ID Alias changes the PTT ID from a numerical ID to an alphanumeric string. For example, PTT ID 2527 can be named "Fire Engine 27" as the alias.

Unit Call
Private Call

Individual Call A unit-to-unit call establishes a private voice call between the dispatcher and an individual subscriber unit. Scout can send and receive calls to and from individual Direct Connect subscriber units.