Scout with Frontier Capability Guide


Scout with Frontier allows sites to share endpoints. It makes efficient access to geographically diverse endpoints a reality. A Frontier-enabled Scout system reduces wide area network (WAN) use and provides seamless access to endpoints located anywhere Frontier software exists.

At startup, Frontier-enabled Scout locations advertise their local endpoints to other Frontier peers and identify the remote endpoints in which they have interest. This discovery process allows Frontier to learn how to access remote endpoints. However, for network efficiency, they do not pass audio or most status updates across the WAN until a console position actually wants to use a remote endpoint. When using a remote endpoint, the local console places the endpoint in Select and the local Frontier passes the information over the WAN, via unicast communication, to the remote Frontier. The remote Frontier, now using multicast communication, gathers all call information through its local VPGate. This information then passes back across the WAN, once again using unicast, to the local console through the local Frontier. When in this active state on a console, this remote endpoint displays and reacts no differently than local endpoints. To the dispatcher, the difference is unnoticeable and full operational capability is supported.

A Frontier-enabled Scout location can be composed of a fully deployed Scout system or as little as a Frontier computer and one or more remote Scout consoles. In addition, Frontier can be installed to communicate with its local Scout console using either a multicast configuration or a direct, localhost connection. In any configuration, a Scout system with Frontier provides seamless interaction with all endpoints, both those homed to a local instance of VPGate and those homed to an instance of VPGate located in a site across the WAN.

Beginning with Scout Version 4.0, report data from Frontier sites is rolled up and included in the reports data for the entire Scout system. Scout Central Distributor (SCD) gathers alarms, events, dispatcher activity, endpoint activity, and call activity from all Frontier-enabled sites to include in the Scout system reports.

Frontier is licensed and controlled via a Frontier-enabled VPGate license key. Licenses allow for redundant implementation to prevent a single point of failure. Frontier software operates on a Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 platform. It requires Scout Version 2.4 or later and Frontier-enabled VPGate Version 2.4 or later.