Scout with Frontier facilitates communication among various Scout sites and, at the same time, reduces multicast bandwidth requirements for traffic that traverses the Wide Area Network (WAN). The diagrams that follow provide examples for Frontier configuration in a total Scout system.


This illustration depicts two fully deployed Scout sites connected via Frontier using redundancy. The consoles in each site not only connect to their local endpoints, but Frontier allows them to also connect seamlessly to the remote endpoints from the other Scout site.


This illustration shows several console-only sites connected to one fully deployed Scout site (Site 1) which includes all endpoints for the business. The consoles in Sites 2 through 5 access the endpoints in Site 1 seamlessly via Frontier.

Sites to

This illustration demonstrates how consoles in Site 4 can serve as a command center with access to all endpoints from a multitude of Scout sites. Scout consoles at Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3 each interact with the endpoints within their own LANs, while the Scout consoles at Site 4 interact via Frontier with all endpoints from the three other sites.

Localhost Console

This illustration shows a fully deployed Scout site connected with a Localhost Console site and a Scout Remote Console site. This Scout system includes:

  • Site 1 – Fully deployed Scout Frontier site with VPGate hosting local endpoints.
  • Site 2 – A Scout console-only site where three local Scout consoles communicate via multicast with the local Frontier to register endpoints from Site 1.
  • Site 3 – A Localhost Console site where the Scout console and Frontier reside on the same computer and communicate with one another via the localhost ports. The Frontier registers all needed endpoints from Site 1.

Frontier is approved for use on MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus and Multi-Site Capacity Plus in localhost console deployments with a single multicast domain only. Frontier is not currently approved on MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus and Multi-Site Capacity Plus with any of the multi-site console system deployments described.