Avtec offers Scout EX, Scout E8, and Scout E4 consoles to support the right number of endpoints for any Scout position.

Scout EX, a software-based communication console which is known for its flexibility and reliability, is easy-to-use and provides interoperability for a dispatching position. Avtec's flagship console, Scout EX is a pure IP solution that provides access to thousands of radio, telephony, intercom, and auxiliary input/output endpoints and features a host of on-screen controls to enable the dispatcher to communicate quickly and effectively.

Scout E8 and Scout E4, two variations of the Scout EX console, function to the full extent of Scout EX but support fewer radio or telephony endpoints that are allowed to operate at one time. The Scout E8 console provides full functionality for eight active endpoints, Scout E4 for four. These consoles provide the same quality, durability, and operational flexibility as the Scout EX console but offer a scaled Scout console for of those who need access to fewer active endpoints. However, when using the ResourePro screen control with a Scout E4 or Scout E8 console, the dispatcher gains the flexibility to activate the number of endpoints allowed from the wide range of endpoints in the Scout system.