Model Number: SDK-API-CAD

The Scout Console API Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the interface for third-party applications to integrate with specific console positions.

This development kit includes tools such as documentation and source code samples that Avtec partners and customers need to write, build, test, and deploy computer-aided dispatch (CAD) applications that can communicate with the Scout product suite.

The Scout Console API SDK consists of the following:

Component Description

Scout Console CAD Interface Application Programmer's Guide

This document describes the programming methods used to connect a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) application and the Scout console dispatching system.

Scout Console CAD Interface API Reference Guide

This document describes the component architecture, interface protocols, and control messages that allow the CAD system to perform a subset of the Scout console functionality. The functionality described in this document includes connecting to the Scout Business Service, changing endpoint states, paging, and unit-to-unit radio commands.

VPGate Third-Party Data Forwarding Reference Guide

This document describes the functionality of the data forwarding driver and the communications protocol used to transfer these messages back and forth between an application and VPGate.

CAD Client (Simon)

Simon is a CAD client application for testing an interface with the Scout console. Use Simon to test interaction of a CAD client interface and Scout without running the actual CAD application.

Source Code Examples

There are two test applications that demonstrate the API functionality and provide a coding example for each of the interfaces. The application examples are C#, .NET applications compatible with Visual Studio.

Wireshark Dissector Plug-ins

These Avtec-supplied files provide support for capturing Avtec protocol traffic. For more information about Wireshark, go to the website at

Technical Support

The Scout Console API SDK includes two hours of developer-to-developer support that provides direct contact with an Avtec software engineer. Eight additional hours of support can be purchased separately.


  • The Scout Console API lets third-party CAD applications connect to and exchange status or commands with a Scout console.
  • The Scout console API provides two interface points to provide unique integration for interacting with various third-party endpoints:
  • Scout Console Business Layer (Scout Console API)
  • VPGate Data Forwarding Driver