Model Numbers

Model Number Description


Basic Scout-CAD API software developer's kit. Includes two hours of developer-to-developer support that provides direct contact with an Avtec software engineer.


Optional Scout console hardware package. This includes Scout console software and license, VPGate software and license, eight additional hours of technical support, VPGate Advanced Radio Support, and a P25 supplemental license.


Additional eight hours of technical support.


Scout console CAD interface license.

Software Licenses

The Scout Console API SDK is licensed separately from the Scout product suite. After a CAD interface is developed and is ready for deployment, a separate license (model number: SFW-SCOUT-API) is required for each Scout console position connected to the CAD system. Contact your Avtec sales representative for more information about purchasing Scout Console API licenses.

A non-redundant VPGate license (SFW-VPG-L0-NR) is included with the developer hardware package. This license allows up to 20 endpoints, 10 of which can be Category B endpoints. You might need additional supplemental licenses for any Scout components you install such as some VPGate drivers; not all VPGate drivers are licensed separately. Refer to the Scout console VPGate Software cut sheet, or contact your Avtec sales representative, for more information about VPGate licenses.