Development Environment

The Scout Console API development environment requires a console position that has access to endpoints. This could be an all-in-one system that contains Scout console and VPGate. Console functions initiated by the CAD application are transmitted to Scout and vice versa through the Scout CAD API so that each system mirrors the current condition for an endpoint.

Scout Console API

The Scout Console API provides the interface for third-party applications to integrate with specific console positions. This interface provides access to various endpoints that are accessible from the console. The interface also allows the use of both a third-party application and the Avtec Scout Runtime to control endpoints concurrently. The Runtime can also serve as a backup to the third-party application.

VPGate Data Forwarding Driver

The VPGate Data Forwarding Driver provides a central interface to an endpoint for data exchange with certain radio infrastructures. In this case, the endpoint is acting as a pass-through to the radio infrastructure and provides functionality that affects more resources than just the endpoint where the data is being sent.