Scout Audio Package Options Capability Guide  Two Mission-Critical Options: Software or Hardware

Software Audio Package

Scout's highly reliable Software Audio Package provides exceptional audio quality on a software-based platform.

Used by Avtec's largest air, rail, public safety, and energy customers, the Software Audio Package is the audio processing engine for Avtec's Scout EX, the flagship product of the Scout Enterprise family.

The Software Audio Package features the Avtec-developed Software Media Workstation (SMW). With thousands of consoles in production, the SMW enables the package to process all audio via the Scout console software. This console-integrated solution saves space in the dispatching position, uses a limited number of cable and power connections, and has no requirement for additional network connections. The Software Audio Package supports Avtec-manufactured, professional grade peripherals for audio presentation.

The flexibility and portability of the Software Audio Package allows deployment on a laptop or a tablet supporting both fixed and mobile configurations. A mobile license enables support over 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks for when it becomes necessary to manage voice communications outside the typical dispatch environment.

Our forward-thinking development cycle of continual improvements helps ensure Scout's Software Audio Package continues to meet the needs of mission-critical environments now and in the future.

Hardware Audio Package

Scout's Hardware Audio Package is proven with major corporations in all business segments throughout the United States.

Used with over 5,000 consoles today, the Hardware Audio Package features the Media Workstation Plus, an Avtec-built and time-proven audio processing device. The professional grade, ruggedly constructed Media Workstation Plus provides dual network connections and supports professional grade audio peripherals such as speakers, desk microphones, handsets, and headsets for audio presentation.

The Hardware Audio Package creates a dispatching position where the audio is processed by a device that is solely dedicated to sending Scout audio between a dispatcher and the endpoints in the field. With fully customizable audio settings, the Hardware Audio Package provides a rich audio experience in any environment, despite surrounding noise levels.

When the goal is dispatching positions with ultimate reliability and with totally customizable audio settings, Scout's Hardware Audio Package meets the need.