Review the table below to evaluate and compare the features of Scout's two audio package options.

Feature Software Audio Package Hardware Audio Package
Environment   Mission critical
Functionality   Full Scout console
Simultaneous Outbound Audio Sessions 20 16
Media Processing Console PC Dedicated media workstation
Simultaneous Inbound Audio Sessions 250 50
  • Simultaneously Audible Based on Priority
*75 16
Maximum Speakers 11
Speaker Type Avtec speakers (USB) Avtec speakers (AP)
Maximum Speaking Devices   4
Jack Box Avtec Jack Box (USB) Avtec Jack Box (AP)
Headset Jack Type Tip/Ring/Sleeve or USB Tip/Ring/Sleeve
NENA Headset Interface Yes Yes

• Avtec Desk Microphone (USB)

• Third-party USB microphone

Avtec Desk Microphone (AP)
Mic Mute All microphones All and individual microphones
Footswitch Function Avtec Footswitch for PTT (USB) Avtec Footswitch for PTT
Recording Method IP only IP and analog
Mobility Yes No
Console Pool Licensing Option Yes No
Configurable Audio Routing   Yes: Select, Unselect, and Ring Tones for any Jack Box or speaker
Route Audio from Headset to Select Speaker for Monitoring   Yes
Mix Scout Audio Options in a Dispatch Center   Yes, both Scout console package options can be deployed in the same dispatch center.
Endpoint Types Supported   All
Telephony Supported   Yes
Patch Endpoints   5 patches per workstation; 8 members per patch; 10 endpoints patched per console at one time
Maximum Endpoint Pads   2000
User Logins/Free Seating   Yes
Scout Instant Recall Recorder (IRR)   Yes
External IRR No Yes
Dual NIC Support   Yes
Frontier Capable   Yes
Advanced Radio   Yes
Console Relays 4 Form C available for purchase 4 Form C included
Codecs Supported   G.711, G.729a, G.726

*Monitoring more than 75 concurrent streams could impact audio quality.