Avtec's Scout Select dispatching solution is tailor-made for small-scale environments.

The Scout E1 Console, also known as the Mini SIP Console, is a versatile hardware device that saves space, needs minimal configuration, and is easy to install and use. Scout 100 provides a dispatching system for supervisors or other users who need to monitor one to four channels for situational awareness and occasional conversation.

The basic package accesses endpoints supported by A and B licenses. The advanced package enables wireline interfaces such as MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect, P25, DFSI/CSSI, IDAS IP Conventional, Kenwood NEXEDGE Trunking, and DMR AIS (Tier II and Tier III) in addition to the SIP, Outpost, ED-137, and advanced control station interfaces that the basic package supports.

Scout Select systems are available through Avtec's certified dealers.