High Availability

Many customers who utilize SIP endpoints have a reliability expectation that is based on the reliability of the original telephone network. Scout emulates this reliability with its High Availability redundancy feature.

VPGate provides redundancy at the endpoint level. Endpoints fail over based on the Redundant Priority field value on the Endpoint Configuration webpage of the VPGate instances where the endpoints are configured. Adding the High Availability driver to SIP endpoints uses this same priority, but allows for fast failover of an active SIP call from one VPGate to another without dropping the call or losing a significant amount of audio. Other than a slight loss of audio, the dispatcher should have no indication of the failover at the console.

In order for a High Availability backup endpoint to recover an active SIP call, the other participant in the call must remain accessible when the original endpoint is lost. This prevents High Availability backup endpoints from recovering active calls between SIP endpoints that are on the same VPGate when that VPGate fails or loses network connectivity.

Qualified PBX Systems

Scout High Availability SIP endpoints have been qualified with Avaya and Cisco Call Manager. HA SIP endpoints are supported on Avaya utilizing SIP Trunking and SIP Extensions. HA SIP endpoints are supported on Cisco Call Manager utilizing SIP Trunking. HA is not supported on Cisco Call Manager utilizing SIP Extensions.

Qualified PBX HA Support Utilizing SIP Trunking HA Support Utilizing SIP Extensions
Avaya Yes Yes
Cisco Call Manager Yes No