Configuration Examples

Scout's ResourcePro screen control offers many configuration options. In addition to color and other appearance properties, the options provide variations for configuring the control's layout and its use.

Default Configuration

In the image below, the ResourcePro screen control appears with the colors, fonts, and buttons by default. In addition, it has the following characteristics:

  • Search Bar is not visible, however the dispatcher can use the magnifying glass in the Message Display bar to toggle the Search bar on and off
  • Drag and drop is not enabled
  • Endpoints register with the current VPGate activation mode

Active Endpoints Configuration

The example below depicts a ResourcePro configured to display only endpoints and intercoms that are active. This view simply lets the dispatcher see endpoints as they enter an active state or as they receive incoming calls. Active states include Select, Unselect, Mute, Hold, and Patch.

Selected Features Configuration

This example separates endpoints and intercoms into two different ResourcePro screen controls, each displaying the resources in the list view. In addition, the ResourcePro screen controls in this example allow drag and drop and the screen includes two placeholder pads to receive the dragged and dropped endpoints and intercoms. These static pads display as Unavailable or Error until the dispatcher drags an endpoint onto them.