Network Requirements

To configure the network requirements for a Scout system with P25 endpoints, consider the following:

  • P25 Endpoint—Calls between a Scout console and a P25 radio subsystem (talkgroup or unit) require a 44 kbs bandwidth. Calls from a P25 radio subsystem to a Scout console require a 35 kbs bandwidth.
  • Jitter—Scout allows jitter ranging from 60 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds.
  • QoS—Scout supports separate Differentiated Services (DiffServ) values for audio and control packets between the console subsystem and the radio subsystem. This allows the network administrator to provision the Ethernet network that ties the console subsystem to the radio subsystem to give priority to the voice communication packets to reduce latency and provide an excellent Quality of Service.
  • Scout software does not natively handle SIP messaging across NAT environments. Special equipment and expertise are required to implement. A network administrator should be consulted before delivering SIP signaling over NATs.

For more information, refer to the Architecture and Networking Design Considerations reference guide, available on Avtec Connect.