The direct IP interface between a Scout VoIP console subsystem and a P25 trunked radio system is controlled by Avtec software licensing. Each P25 endpoint requires a separate licensed connection between the P25 trunked radio system and Scout. Each endpoint, whether a talkgroup or unit-to-unit, is represented by an endpoint icon on the Scout console user interface. Each Scout console that holds a seat license for P25 can be configured to access any or all P25 endpoints. Review the following information to learn more about required licenses.

This diagram shows the number of licensed connections required from a P25 trunked radio system to VPGate and Scout consoles to support five talkgroup endpoints and three unit-to-unit endpoints. With respect to the Scout console subsystem, an endpoint is a licensed connection that can be used by the console positions to establish voice communication with P25 subscriber units through the P25 infrastructure.

To interface with a P25 trunked radio system, Avtec requires three licenses:

  • Base VPGate License

  • VPGate P25 Supplemental License

  • P25 Seat License

The Base VPGate License size represents the maximum number of endpoints that can be active at any one time on a single VPGate. Each P25 endpoint, whether a talkgroup or unit-to-unit, uses one Type A license. As shown in the following table, the base license is available for 24, 40, 80, or 160 endpoints. Additional VPGate licenses would be required to use more endpoints.

VPGate License

Total Category A&B Endpoints

Maximum Category B
SIP Endpoints



24 12 No
24 12 Yes
40 20 Yes
80 40 Yes
160 100 Yes

Each P25 endpoint requires one VPGate P25 Supplemental License. Every endpoint available on the console must be configured as a dedicated endpoint license. As shown in the following table, supplemental licenses are available for 10, 30, 60, or 100 endpoints.

VPGate P25 Supplemental License

Maximum P25 Endpoints


Each console position must hold a P25 Seat License as shown in the following table.

P25 Seat Licence

Maximum Licenses per System


Licensing Example

This diagram shows example licensing for a company that uses P25 endpoints in addition to other endpoints. A P25 endpoint uses one Type A license slot from the Base VPGate license as well as one license slot from the VPGate P25 Supplemental license.

The example depicts a company with eight P25 endpoints and 20 other Type A endpoints that do not require supplemental licenses, for a total of 28 endpoints.

  • A 40-endpoint base VPGate license (SFW-VPG-L1 or SFW-VPG-L1-SK) provides enough licensing for all 28 endpoints, which includes the eight P25 endpoints and the 20 other Type A endpoints

  • A 10-endpoint VPGate P25 Supplemental license (SFW-VPG-P25-10 or SFW-VPG-P25-10-SK) provides coverage for the eight P25 endpoints
    • Five license slots cover the talkgroup talkpaths

    • Three license slots cover the unit-to-unit talkpaths
    • Two license slots remain open for additional P25 endpoints
  • The Base VPGate license has 12 unallocated endpoints. The customer in this example would be able to add up to two more P25 endpoints. The VPGate P25 Supplemental License includes 10 endpoints, eight of which are used.
  • The company would also require a P25 Seat License for every Scout console that accesses P25 endpoints.