Outpost Plus Capability Guide


Avtec's second generation Radio over IP gateway can be licensed to support up to four radio connections. Performing USB and relay control, this IP-enabled radio gateway extends radio connectivity across a dispatch operation’s IP network.

The Outpost Plus integrates with Avtec’s VoIP Protocol Gateway (VPGate). VPGate communicates with our Scout consoles giving dispatchers the ability to simultaneously control, monitor, and transmit to connected radio resources. Each Outpost Plus can interface up to 4 radios to the Scout console IP network. An Avtec Scout user can create a talkpath over the IP network to a radio resource connected to the Outpost Plus. The Scout console can connect to and monitor one radio channel per connected radio.

The Outpost Plus is 1U in height and a width that allows 2 units to be installed side-by-side in a 19” rackmount shelf. External wirings are accessed from the rear panel and all functional LEDs are located on the front panel. After configuration, the product needs no user access (except viewing the functional and Ethernet LEDs).

The below statement is for Outpost Plus and only for Korean use.
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