For the Scout console running the Software Media Workstation, Avtec offers the Motorola USB Desktop Microphone, specifically designed for use in mission critical dispatch products. This purpose-built USB-based microphone connects directly to the dispatch position’s PC or USB hub.

With a dedicated PTT button located directly at the base of the microphone, dispatchers can effortlessly communicate with the talkgroup of their choice.

This microphone has built-in active noise cancellation capability designed to provide 20 db of front to back noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation delivers loud and clear audio by virtually eliminating both off-axis coloration and proximity effect that causes bassy and muffled audio when speaking too close to the microphone.

The microphone is easy to install and configure and connects to a console via USB port.

The Motorola USB Desk Microphone is compatible with Scout Version 5.2 and later.