Motorola APX Consolette via Outpost Capability Guide


For interoperability with Motorola P25 radio systems, Scout supports an interface connection to Motorola APX™ Consolettes via Outpost.

These APX™ Consolettes seamlessly unify public works, utility, rural public safety, and transportation users to first responders, ensuring effective interoperability in the moments that matter. This mission-critical radio product, purpose-built for organizations who cannot compromise on their communications, is certified to the APCO Project 25 (P25) digital two-way radio standard.

Scout's support for this radio system emphasizes Avtec’s commitment to public safety and government agency communications.

The Scout console system interfaces to the Motorola APX™ Consolette using the Avtec Outpost Base Station Controller to enable standard Scout console features for control station endpoints. This Scout control station interface operates in conventional, trunking, analog, and MDC-1200 mode.