Model Numbers: RAM-UPG-xxx-4GB, RAM-UPG-xxx-8GB, RAM-UPG-LAPTOP-4GB

Avtec offers a memory upgrade kit for the Scout console and the Scout rackmount computer.

Upgrading memory modules can boost performance by enabling faster processing speeds, providing smoother multi-tasking, and enhancing graphic display. The following upgrades are available:

  • Scout laptop: 4 GB RAM using one 4-GB memory module
  • Scout console: 4 GB RAM using one 4-GB memory module
  • Scout rackmount computer: 8 GB RAM using two 4-GB memory modules

Memory modules are not interchangeable among all laptop, console, and rackmount computers. Be sure to use the correct model number. Actual memory module appearance might differ depending on the model.

  • Memory module form factors and support may be different for machines purchased before 2016. RAM-UPG-RACKMT-8GB is not compatible with former DDR3 memory modules and has a different form factor to prevent accidental insertion.
  • Consoles running 32-bit Windows might require an upgrade to 64-bit Windows to upgrade to the RAM-UPG-CONSOLE-4GB.