Icom IDAS™ Multi-Site Trunking System Capability Guide


Avtec’s Scout VoIP Console system uses a direct IP connection to interface with Icom IDAS™ Type-D trunked radios. In addition to best-in-class console features for which Scout is known, Scout’s interface with IDAS brings the unique features of an IDAS digital radio system to the dispatcher’s console.

The Icom Digital Advanced System (IDAS™) is Icom’s implementation of the NXDN™ protocol for digital two-way radio systems. NXDN is an industry designation that stands for Next Generation Digital Network and is both a modulation method and an over-the-air API. IDAS uses frequency division multiple access (FDMA) modulation and 6.25 kHz narrowband channels.

Avtec is a member of the NXDN Forum that promotes NXDN technology for land mobile radio in North America.

NXDN is the designated interoperability standard for North American railroad land mobile communication.