Model Numbers: , ACC-HND-6W-15F, ACC-HND-4W

Avtec offers console handsets in two basic designs.

The designs include a six-wire model with a push-to-talk feature for applications with radios or other special use endpoints (pictured), and a four-wire model, without push-to-talk, that is intended for full duplex endpoints like telephones. For mixed applications with both radio and telephone endpoints, choose a six-wire model. The six-wire model is available with a 9-foot cord or a 15-foot cord.

The handsets are designed for durability, comfort, and reliability. The high-quality components used to manufacture the handsets ensure their ability to withstand demanding conditions. Both models are compatible with Avtec's Desktop Handset Cradle and Headset Jack Box; a Jack Box is required at the console to use either model handset. For more information, see the "Accessory Model Numbers" section below.